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April 26, 2004


Abortion-rights march in D.C. Hundreds of thousands of abortion rights advocates marched through Washington and gathered on the National Mall to raise awareness for what they say is a dangerous erosion of reproductive freedoms. The activists sought to highlight concerns raised by recent legal battles and legislative measures. [Page 1a]

Cosmetics queen Lauder dies

Estee Lauder, founder of the international beauty empire that bears her name, died Saturday of cardiopulmonary arrest at her Manhattan home, said her son Leonard A. Lauder. The queen of America's prestige cosmetics industry was believed to be 97. [Page 1a]

IMF, World Bank promise aid

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank wrapped up meetings in Washington by recommending an extension of a debt-relief program to impoverished countries and by expressing support for more grants to help nations to reduce poverty. Critics say the meeting was a lot of talk and not enough action. [Page 3a]

Priest charged in ritual murder

The Rev. Gerald Robinson, 66, was charged Friday in the killing of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, who was strangled and stabbed April 5, 1980. Her body was found in a hospital chapel, surrounded by lighted candles with her arms folded across her chest. [Page 3a]


Threats to Arafat played down

Hoping to ease international pressure, Israeli officials played down Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's threats against Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. "I don't see the possibility that Arafat will be expelled or assassinated tomorrow morning," one official says. [Page 7a]

More suspected SARS in China

China announced that health officials are investigating four new suspected cases of SARS in Beijing on the eve of the national May Day holiday when millions of people will be traveling. The cases have been traced to one source, indicating that the outbreak is not widespread. [Page 7a]

Karzai makes offer to Taliban

Afghan President Hamid Karzai returned yesterday to a Taliban stronghold said he would welcome rank-and-file members of the militia back into society. But Karzai said about 150 leaders of the Islamic movement could be prosecuted. [Page 7a]


Comets may dazzle or fizzle out

Marylanders might have a chance to see three comets with the unaided eye in the coming weeks, but astronomers warn that the celestial visitors might fizzle out. [Page 9a]


Tracks test gambling machine

Electronic gambling machines based on horse racing are finding their way into racetracks in states that don't permit slots. Maryland's major thoroughbred tracks are testing a version of the devices, which supporters say could help revive racing. But opponents warn they could be just as addictive as slots. [Page 1a]

Bank official seeks to run arena

Edwin F. Hale Sr., chairman and CEO of 1st Mariner Bank, proposes managing a city-owned soccer arena in Canton - a move aimed at helping the city cut costs while buttressing his plans for a waterfront development. Hale said he would split revenues over $415,000 with the city. [Page 1b]

Park fountain flows again

Nearly 500 people turned out to see a 19th-century fountain bubble back to life yesterday - the third completed jewel in the crown of a $3 million master plan to renew Patterson Park. [Page 1b]


Ravens pick up K. Johnson

The Ravens acquire veteran wide receiver Kevin Johnson from the Jacksonville Jaguars for a fourth-round pick in the NFL draft. The addition of Johnson marks the most significant upgrade for the Ravens since Terrell Owens had his trade to the Ravens nullified last month. [Page 1c]

Blue Jays rout Orioles, 15-3

The Blue Jays defeat the Orioles, 15-3, for their first two-game winning streak of the season. Cy Young winner Roy Halladay won his second game against three losses, while Orioles starter Sidney Ponson suffered his first loss. [Page 1c]

Terps win ACC men's lacrosse

No. 3 Maryland beats No. 14 Virginia, 12-11, to win the ACC men's lacrosse tournament in Chapel Hill, N.C. Tournament Most Valuable Player Joe Walters had a career-high six goals for Maryland, which won its second ACC tournament. [Page 2c]


Free gowns to military brides

Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection in Pikesville gave away wedding gowns yesterday to members of the military or their fiancees. About 25 women turned up to receive dresses, each worth up to $2,500. [Page 1d]


"It looks like a slot machine. It acts like a slot machine. But it's pari-mutuel racing."

Frank Stronach, chairman Magna Entertainment Corp.

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