Study includes roads, not all of Turf Valley

April 25, 2004

Members of the Route 40 Task Force have decided to include the northeast corner of Marriottsville and Frederick roads in Ellicott City but not the entirety of Turf Valley Resort and Conference Center within their study area, county planning staff said.

The study's recommendations about land use, traffic and appearance will guide the Howard County Council as members make the final decisions about the properties in the last leg of the comprehensive rezoning process.

Steven M. Johns, a county planner assisting the task force, said the task force included the new area, which has several planned developments such as a senior housing community, primarily for transportation analysis.

Plans to construct offices, shops and more than 1,300 homes have been approved for Turf Valley. Fewer than 150 have been built.

"We're just stunned that the county doesn't see fit to include such a developable parcel in the study," said Marc Norman, who leads a coalition of residents concerned about the project's effect on crowded roads and schools.

Lou Mangione of Turf Valley, however, has stated that the study focuses on enhancing the existing retail strip - not on new development.

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