Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

April 25, 2004

CA board must be more responsive

The Columbia Association Council/Board [needs] to be more responsive to residents, and less dependent upon the Columbia Association's Senior Staff. The latter is very dominant in our lives, simply because our village representatives have little or no understanding of budgetary/accounting procedures and little time to research financial and social issues for themselves.

We need comprehensive minutes of meetings, not just summaries. We need the votes on important issues to have representatives' names attached to them. These should be published on the CA website, and in the monthly CA notice.

We need to receive data and records for which we ask within a day or two at the most, but certainly well before CA Council/Board meets to discuss an issue.

We need to see the CA Council/Board implement Robert's Rules of Order and use them consistently.

We need all CA Board and committee meetings open to the public, publicized well in advance, with CA employee personnel matters the only exception.

We need resident speak-out time at both Council and Board meetings, and both before and after meetings.

We need the CA Board to limit proxy voting and eliminate the trading of proxy voting during meetings.

We need the CA Council/Board to take stands on community-wide issues such as residential density increase.

We need to monitor the budgetary process, with special attention to the lien rate, which determines the annual charge we pay directly as property owners or indirectly as renters.

When only a handful of residents, if that many, attend their village board meetings, and even fewer attend CA Council/Board meetings, is it any wonder that the community is fragmented and basically uninformed? We can do better. Democracy can come to Columbia. We just need to want it enough.

Al and Mary Pivar


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