At first blush, it seems pink has arrived

April 25, 2004|By Rod Stafford Hagwood | Rod Stafford Hagwood,South Florida Sun-Sentinel

We are all becoming a bunch of pinkos.

The most important capitalist in the world, Donald Trump, sports a pink necktie and world leaders (who know a power tie when they see one) immediately follow suit.

Designer runways -- feeling all ladylike and generally femmed-up -- are presenting pretty in pink as a wardrobe must-have for spring / summer.

Victoria's Secret unveiled underwear from a new collection called ... wait for it ... Pink.

Even stylish men are into haute pink. Johnny Knoxville was pimpin' pink while promoting the movie Walking Tall, and Rod Stewart honed the hue into a snazzy blazer while watching the recent Los Angeles fashion shows.

The Pink Panther is still on the prowl after 40 years. Licensed products to celebrate the cool cat's birthday include dress shirts, T-shirts, neckties, watches, cuff links and pink sapphire charms. There are also pink Vespa scooters, Nirve Sportsbeach cruiser bicycles, martini sets, shot glasses, lamps and a postage stamp coming out this month.

Yes, there is a plethora of pink this spring and the hue will only get hotter by summer.

"In very difficult times, people tend to turn to things that are comforting," said Sandi Davidson, creative director for the Lilly Pulitzer label. "There's also a return to femininity in fashion as a backlash to years of deconstruction and military strong looks for women. I think pink happened because when people don't see a lot of beauty in their lives, they try to create it."

Leatrice Eisman, the author of The Color Answer Book: 100+ Frequently Asked Color Questions for Home, Health, and Happiness (Capital Books, 2003, $30), is on the same pink page.

"Pink is about vibrancy and being hopeful," said the color consultant for the Pantone Institute.

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