Poison of `projects' lives on in gangs

Crime: Michael L. Taylor and Keon D. Moses grew up in the shadow of Lexington Terrace, tight friends who could face death sentences.

April 21, 2004|By Gail Gibson | Gail Gibson,SUN STAFF

When the high-rises came down, in a 20-second implosion eight summers ago, it seemed possible that the demolition of Lexington Terrace also could erase the cycle of brazen drug dealing, gunplay and early death long attached to the troubled housing project.

For Michael L. Taylor and Keon D. Moses, though, the deadly bonds of Lexington Terrace held fast.


June 27, 2000: Victim: Cortez "Man Man" Bailey, 18. Authorities say Bailey was shot to death by Foster in retaliation for the shooting of another member of the Lexington Terrace Boys.


Aug. 16, 2001

Victims: Kevin A Pearson, 19, and MIchael C. Hargrove, 30. Pearson died in a gang shootout that also killed Hargrove, an innocent bystander. Authorities allege Moses and Taylor were involved.

Sept. 23, 2001: Victims: Gregory Spain, 30, and Ronald Harris, 23. Authorities allege Moses and Taylor killed Spain and Harris in a robbery of drugs and money.

Dec. 23, 2001: Victims: Derek Hamlin, 24, and Kiari Cromwell, 23. Authorities allege Taylor shot victims, who were found in Cromwell's mother's home.


Feb. 22, 2002: Victim: Robert "Snoop" McManus, 24. Shot to death by Taylor to block his testimony against Moses.

March 21, 2002: Victim: Vance Beasley, 32. The owner of a Baltimore recording company shot to death by Taylor, Foster and another man.

Arpil 1, 2002: Victim: Travis "Phat" Harold Burley, 20. Authorities say Taylor killed Burley after a dispute about drugs and a gun. Burley's body has never been found.

SOURCES: Trial testimony and court records, U.S. District Court in Baltimore, SUN STAFF

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