Commercial leasing

April 21, 2004

Commercial real estate new leasing activity in Maryland of at least 3,000 square feet:

Tenant Landlord Location Square footage Agent(s)

Next Day Blinds AMB Property Corp. 8251 Preston Court, Jessup 118,300 J. Boote, KLNB, for the tenant; T. Whelan & M. Ryan, RCR, for the landlord.

Advance Polybag (North East) Inc. James F. Knott Development Corp. 6935 San Tomas Road, Elkridge 81,240 B. Keely & M. Ryan, RCR, for the tenant; B. Hamilton & T. Summerfield, JFK, for the landlord

Alliance Material Handling Bovar Properties Group 8310 Sherwick Court, Jessup 80,000 T. Long, DC, for the tenant; J. Boote & B. Smith, KLNB, for the landlord.

Avatech Solutions Merritt Properties LLC 10715 Red Run Blvd., Owings Mills 13,430 J. Nolan, KLNB, for the tenant; L. Boeri, MP, for the landlord.

Vintage Security LLC Hock/Bovar Stayton J/V 8220 Stayton Drive, Jessup 9,116 M. Moran, J. Boote & B. Smith, KLNB, for tenant and landlord.

Peart-Hannon Consulting LLC MIE Properties 806 Landmark Drive, Glen Burnie 4,020 D. Fritz, KLNB, for the tenant; R. Becker, MIE, for the landlord.

Alco Pharmacy Merritt Properties LLC 10045 Red Run Blvd., Owings Mills 3,408 M. Itskowits, BRE, for the tenant; L. Boeri, MP, for the landlord.

PGC Stones LLC Merritt Properties LLC 713 E. Ordnance Road, Curtis Bay 3,150 E. Rose, CP, for the tenant; R. Bowman, MP, for the landlord.

ABBREVATIONS: BRE -- Business Real Estate Partners LLC; CP -- Colliers Pinkard; DC -- Donohoe Commercial Real Estate Services; JFK -- James F. Knott Realty Group; KLNB -- NAI/KLNB Commercial Real Estate; MIE -- MIE Properties Development; MP -- Merritt Properties; RCR -- Ryan Commercial Real Estate LLC

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