The art of the KIMONO


April 18, 2004|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,Special to the Sun

Long before there were thongs and Juicy suits, there were kimonos. Discover the exquisite detail and timeless style of these wearable works of art at the Walters Art Museum Saturday.

Paul MacLardy and Ann Marie Moeller will talk about their coming book, Reading Kimono: Symbols and Motifs in Japanese Textiles. MacLardy, who is also the author of Kimono: Vanishing Tradition, is the owner of Arise Galleries in Washington, a store specializing in Asian artifacts. Dressing will be demonstrated by Norie Watanuki, a professional kimono dresser, and participants may bring their kimonos for an informal evaluation.

After the lecture, participants can shop for vintage and contemporary kimonos at a trunk show in the museum's Sculpture Court. Doors open at 1 p.m. for the 2 p.m. lecture, which is free with admission to the museum. The Walters is at 600 N. Charles St. in Mount Vernon. Information: 410-547-9000.

Bag the baggy polo

Summer fashions come and go, but most summers a person can rely on a polo shirt. The classic shape never goes out of style -- unless, of course, you're talking about this summer. This season, the women's polo has gone tailored, and heathered, and sandblasted in color. It's still cotton, only not so baggy, and way more hip. We just thought you ought to know.

Heathered polo shirt, $24.50, American Eagle.

Urban grime fighter

Cities are fun. There are places to go, people to watch, things to see. But city grime can be hard on skin. Molton Brown's new Purifying Grapeseed Anti-Oxidant Dry Oil aims to help. Spray some on your skin and you've just created an invisible shield of natural anti-oxidants to defend and fight off the unwanted effects of pollution. And you've just moisturized, too.

The spray also contains aromas of lime, peppermint, nutmeg, coriander and bergamot to mask city smells, uplift the senses and leave your body feeling invigorated

That Chanel look in powdered form

Chanel is famous for its quilted bags. Now that famous quilting has been carried over to the company's face powder, too.

Satin de Chanel has a hand-stitched look when you first open the compact. It is an allover highlighting powder that softens, smooths and brightens the complexion. It works with a variety of spring makeup looks -- from brightly colored to lightly bronzed -- and comes in two shades, Golden Dream (peach) and Silk Dream(pink). The powder costs $50 and is available for a limited time only at

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