Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

April 18, 2004

Columbia's amenities keep the city thriving

In regard to the article reporting on the candidates for the Harper's Choice Columbia Council ("Harper's Choice candidates take questions at forum," April 13), it seems as though Wolfger Schneider, the incumbent, is very honest when he's quoted as saying that Columbia is split into factions: those who use the recreational amenities and those who don't.

He fails to realize that whether or not the amenities are used, the fact that they are there to be used is the most important part of the equation. For that matter, the 40-60 members of ABC (Alliance of "Bitter" Columbians) all ignore that very important fact - the availability of the amenities is what helps keep Columbia a vital, thriving community.

Property values have skyrocketed - all Columbians have seen their homes go up some 60 to 80 per cent in the last four years. Yet the naysayers nitpick about paying what amounts to less than $100 per year more to help keep the amenities in first-class condition.

It seems as though the ABC members, the majority of whom are retired or near retirement age, are attempting a form of NIMBYism with their relentless and offtimes rude and boorish attacks on the way CA is run.

Those folks are, in essence, saying, "We don't need those amenities, why pay for them?" How would they answer the question of whether or not any of their tax money should go to support the Howard County School System since they no longer have children in school? They, of course, would probably say, "We need to keep our schools great to keep our property values high because someday we're going to sell our homes; or will them to our heirs, and we want to maximize their value." The same is true with the CA amenities, but it appears as though the ABCers are too myopic and selfish to admit that what CA provides in the way of amenities and services is just as important as good schools: good public services (police, fire etc.) and a healthy environment.

Those of us who do value Columbia's wide range of amenities and services are sick and tired of a small group of vocal dissidents trying to take over our community. With the coming councilmanic elections there's a chance for the thousands of Columbians who agree that we need top-notch facilities to voice their opinion.

David Leonard

Hickory Ridge

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