April 11, 2004

Familiar feeling in Palmeiro's return

It's great to see Rafael Palmeiro back in an Orioles uniform. Of course, he can be forgiven if he seems a little confused. He joins a team with a superstar shortstop, a great hitting lineup, a hitters' ballpark and a very iffy pitching staff. He's probably asking himself, "Didn't I just leave the Rangers?"

Bert Meisel Catonsville

Turn out the lights on Opening Night

What used to be called the "rite of spring" - the long-standing tradition of Opening Day baseball in Baltimore - has been sadly broken by the money-grubbers of the sport who have decided to bring it to us on a Sunday night.

As with daylight World Series games gone by way of the almighty dollar, you have to say the power brokers of the game are consistent, what with their escalating ticket prices, $6 beers and multimillion-dollar contracts.

What next? Pay TV?

Charles F. Siford York, Pa.

Legacy of the Colts belongs to Baltimore

Mike Preston - are you from Baltimore?! To Sam, who wrote the letter "Real Colts fans will never move on" [April 4] - Amen!

Even though I am a Ravens maniac, my heart will always belong to the Baltimore Colts. My sons grew up without a team and now they have the Ravens, but they, too, will root against Indianapolis. They, too, will pass the Colts' legacy on to their children, as we have.

No, Mike, it will never die! Maybe, just maybe, if they retire the blue/white and horseshoe and change our Colts records in the Hall of Fame to the rightful owners, the Baltimore Colts, maybe I would find peace with it, but until then - Indy, I hope you lose every game you play!

Sylvia Lee Baltimore

Ravens must increase offer for Northcutt

The Ravens should offer more to the Cleveland Browns for wide receiver Dennis Northcutt. He was better than any receiver on the Ravens last year, except Todd Heap.

As a primary receiver, Northcutt could catch 80 balls for the Ravens this year.

The Ravens can argue that Northcutt is not worth a second-round pick because that's what the Ravens gave the San Francisco 49ers for Terrell Owens. Cleveland might be receptive to an offer of a third-round pick. If necessary, the Ravens should be willing to offer a third-round pick plus the fifth-round pick they got from the Philadelphia Eagles in the Owens fiasco.

Northcutt is worth it. He's young (26) and his best years are ahead of him. And he actually wants to play for the Ravens! If the Ravens play cheap and lose this guy, then they deserve to have a one-dimensional offense again this year. And they probably will.

David Holstein Baltimore

Ravens, Orioles should add some color

To show the rest of the country the spirit of Baltimore, I think it would be nice if the Orioles added a (small) amount of purple on their uniforms, to honor the Ravens and, likewise, the Ravens should add a (small) amount of orange to their uniforms, to honor the Orioles.

Both could either be added to the stripes on the pants or possibly as a background outline to the player numbers.

Lee A. Tiani Pasadena

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