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April 09, 2004

Uprising reveals Iraq occupation is doomed to fail

As Iraq degenerates into a general uprising against American occupation, it is time to ask at what point the United States realizes its policy is doomed to failure ("U.S. forces battle for Fallujah," April 8).

Last week, The Sun suggested that the occupation of Iraq may come to resemble Israel's occupation of the West Bank ("A lynching," editorial April 2). Is this what Americans want? The Israelis have pursued their failed occupation policies for 37 years, with no end in sight.

Do Americans really support an endless sacrifice of an entire generation to bloody death, both in the Middle East and here at the hands of generations of Islamic terrorists? How many casualties are acceptable? Six hundred? Six thousand? Sixty thousand?

If we continue down this path, this nation will squander both its soul and its wealth while allowing our domestic and social infrastructure to rot from neglect.

President Bush's war in Iraq was the wrong war in the wrong place for the wrong reasons at the wrong time. It would be insane to continue to pursue such a failed policy.

The United States must "de-Americanize" the conflict by surrendering control of Iraqi reconstruction (and command of all troops) to the United Nations, canceling all contracts with American war profiteers and allowing Iraqis to choose whatever government they want, including a Shiite theocracy.

That would hardly be a desirable outcome. But the Bush administration's reckless, illegal invasion forever foreclosed the prospect of a desirable outcome.

Sheldon H. Laskin


Sexist treatment of security adviser

Yesterday's Sun has an article on vital statistics on National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, one of the most important women in this government, who was testifying that day about Sept. 11, 2001, and related matters ("The Rice Report," April 8).

But I was appalled also to find a silly piece on her hair and hair salon ("The man who gives Rice her flip," April 8).

We'll never elect a woman as president of the United States as long as we focus on stupid things such as clothes and hair.

If I want to read about Ms. Rice's hair stylist, I'll buy a beauty magazine. But The Sun is a newspaper, not an entertainment magazine. Grow up and get with the program.

Mary P. Felter


While I am not a fan of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, I was offended by The Sun's decision to profile her on the front of the Today section yesterday in articles relating to her hair ("The man who gives Rice her flip," April 8) and gossipy tidbits about her personal life ("The Rice Report," April 8) -- especially on a day when she was testifying before the 9/11 commission, even if reluctantly, on an issue of national significance.

But even more disrespectful than the publication of these frivolous articles was the cartoon graphic that accompanied them -- a caricature of her as a female politician complete with tiny high-heeled shoes and skinny legs.

I find it hard to imagine that The Sun would have portrayed Frank C. Carlucci, Zbigniew Brzezinski or any other male national security adviser in such a sexist manner.

Shame on The Sun.

Rebecca Saybolt Bainum


Impeach president for war and lies

I wholeheartedly agree with Ralph Nader that President Bush should be impeached for taking this country into war under false pretenses (about weapons of mass destruction) and without the approval of the United Nations ("Bush should be impeached for lying about Iraq, Nader says," April 7).

As a result of this decision, an atmosphere of hate has been created against us, and fertile soil has been provided for terrorists, not only in the Middle East but in friendly European nations. The war has also caused the deaths of many American soldiers, as well as many innocent Iraqi citizens, and there is no end in sight.

When one remembers that President Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a sexual matter that had nothing to do with the loss of lives or respect for the United States, Mr. Nader's view is certainly a just one.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz should also be fired for their role as architects of this war and for showing no foresight or planning for our handling of the situation once we had conquered Iraq.

At the very least, President Bush (and his advisers) should be courageous enough to apologize to the American people.

Florence Smelkinson


Democrats ignore voice of the people

It has become quite clear that state House Speaker Michael E. Busch and the Democratic delegates who support him are simply playing a game of political chicken with Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. regarding the current budget impasse ("No talk, no fun, no lawmaking," April 8).

I was offended to read that Democrats in the House are distributing T-shirts that read "Team Busch," confirming that they view this process as little more than a game.

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