Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

April 04, 2004

Bloomsbury Square a city boondoggle

Trudy McFall, chair of the Annapolis Housing Authority board, is contemplating changing the name of the troubled Bloomsbury Square Housing complex to "be more historically correct." Nobody wants to rehash the errors in judgment and bad ideas that accompanied this project from the beginning, but historical accuracy would dictate that we rename the project "Boondoggle Square."

It would serve as a reminder to the politicians that good financial times come and go, but they should always spend the citizens' money wisely. If they had done so in the past - and this project is a testament to the fact that they didn't - perhaps our state would not now be contemplating a tax increase.

Michael P. DeCicco


Arts center's ouster of Shipley decried

I can hardly wait to end my membership in Chesapeake Arts Center. Anyone who knows Wayne Shipley - and I worked with him for twenty years - knows that he is a man of ethics and compassion who is undetered by hard work. Just as importantly, Shipley is a man of vision and a natural leader. None of that can be said for the people who ousted him and have taken over CAC. The fact that none of the principal movers would comment says it all.

Barbara M. Simon


The writer is president of the Maryland State Poetry & Literary Society.

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