Kerry recovering at home after surgery on torn tendon


BOSTON - Surgeons successfully repaired a torn tendon in Sen. John Kerry's right shoulder yesterday, discharging the presumptive Democratic nominee to convalesce at home.

Kerry tore the tendon connected to his right-shoulder muscle in January while bracing himself as his campaign bus suddenly stopped. In addition to that 3/4 -inch tear, surgeons also discovered a small tear in a right-biceps tendon.

He was under general anesthesia in the 45-minute procedure.

Emerging from sedation at Massachusetts General Hospital, Kerry quipped, "I hope I didn't reveal any state secrets," according to his surgeon.

Kerry is expected to spend the rest of the week recovering in Boston, tending to paperwork and phone calls, and undergoing low-grade physical therapy. Certain aspects of campaigning will be off-limits for several weeks as well, his surgeon said.

"I think he'll be able to shake hands quite soon," said Dr. Bertram Zarins. "But throwing a football will be several months down the road." Between campaign stops, Kerry is often photographed tossing a football with aides on airport tarmacs.

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