Facing up to clutter


March 28, 2004|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,Special to the Sun

A budding glamour girl has many things to keep track of -- hair clips, jewels, purses, pictures of devoted fans, hair ribbons. Alexa, Bianca and Clair make it easy.

The girls aren't girls at all, they're wall hangings meant to organize clutter by giving a girl a place to put all the little doodads that invariably end up on top of the dresser, the counter and the floor. The Burnes of Boston wall sculptures come in three designs, the sophisticated Alexa, the ponytailed Clair and the cosmopolitan Bianca. Available in two sizes, they cost $15 and $25 and are available at Hecht's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens 'n Things and Boscov's. Information, call 800-343-6290.

Web spins advice for promgoers

It wasn't so long ago that we relied solely on the February and March issues of our favorite teen magazines for all that we needed to know about the prom. What to wear, how to coif, where to go after -- it was all there in black and white.

Well, there's a new prom advice source in town. PromAdvice.com (www.prom advice.com) doles out all kinds of info, from dress and makeup trends to how to ask someone to the biggest dance of the year. The site, produced by the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, is meant to promote the college and its alumni, but there's also some great advice about going to a prom on a budget, what guys should wear and whether you should match your makeup to your dress.

And it's all right there in cyberspace.

Color for your kisser

Any 4-year-old can tell you that felt tip pens are marvelous for precise coloring and filling in big sheets of paper and large blank walls.

Eyeko's Fruity Felt Lip Pen does a great job of outlining and filling in too. The lightweight liquid stain is a lip liner and lip color all in one. All you have to do is line and fill and then seal by finishing up with a skim of lip gloss. It comes in three colors, pale pink, natural nude and very berry, and is available for $15.50 at Nordstrom and at www. eyeko.com.

Now, about those walls ...

Aah -- there's nothing like a warm puppy

Everyone's probably heard the infamous urban myth about the microwaved pet, which is why we had to scratch our head when we first heard about Warm Whiskers microwaveable animals.

Filled with buckwheat and lavender, the plush animals can be heated in the microwave to deliver soothing warmth to aching necks, shoulders and joints along with a lovely scent that helps relieve stress and tension. The company's cat, fox and dog neck wraps are designed to alleviate shoulder and neck tension, the lab and pig are neck rolls and there are even puppy, rabbit and kitten eye pillows.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to explain why we are lounging with stuffed animals on our heads.

Warm Whiskers cost $16-$36 and are available at www.warmwhiskers.com or 916-419-4033.

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