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March 25, 2004|By KEVIN WASHINGTON

Motorola's V400 an affordable choice for cell phone photos

Cellular telephones perform so many little tricks these days that shooting a digital picture with one may not be exciting enough to float your boat. But I'm still amazed by this little trick, which doesn't produce an image that is suitable for framing but can be a heck of a lot of help in a pinch.

I saw a former schoolmate over the weekend and didn't have my digital cameras - the big dogs - that I use to make head shots from time to time. But I did have Motorola's V400 in my shirt pocket, and it took a neat little picture that I could e-mail to everyone on my e-mail list who attended high school with me.

The V400's best trick is that it costs only $49.99 online with a mail-in rebate and a two-year plan on Cingular. The last few camera and camcorder telephones that I reviewed were several times that price, so if you don't mind having Cingular for the next few years, this is a good deal. I happened to find Cingular service excellent up and down the East Coast, where I tested the telephone. I never ran into a dead spot, but then again I didn't take the V400 out in the woods as I normally would when summer rolls around and I go looking for a place of solitude to fish.

This is a Quad-Band GSM telephone and thus will work in lots of cities and countries around the world.

When you get the telephone activated, you'll need to make sure you get the Multimedia Messaging Services activated for your telephone as well so that you can send and receive text messages, photographs (up to 640-by-480 dots per inch) and voice memos. The cost of the service is $2.99 per month for unlimited pictures during the first three months, then you'll pay the same for just 20 photographs a month.

I liked the vibrancy of the screen. And while I was playing around with the telephone on a recent visit to my mother, I took a picture that I then turned into the screen saver for the telephone. I like the fact that you can import MP3 ring tones into the phone, even though the ring tones that were included were good enough for me.

The manual could have been a bit more detailed, but otherwise, I had few complaints about what I got out of the V400.

Information: 866-246-4852 or www.cingular.com.

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