Carroll Digest


March 22, 2004

Commissioners plan sessions to hear from public

The Carroll County commissioners are offering the public an opportunity to comment on issues facing the county.

In an effort to make government more open to the community, the commissioners have scheduled public forums. The 30-minute sessions will begin at 9:30 a.m. the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in Room 300A of the County Office Building, before the commission's regular sessions.

Residents are asked to submit in writing questions about specific topics. Any questions not addressed during the meeting will be forwarded to the appropriate county agency, and a response will be made in a timely manner.

The first session will be tomorrow.

The 30-minute time slot will be re-evaluated for future sessions as participation demands.

Information: 410-386-2043.

Schools ask state to waive another day of classes

Charles I. Ecker, superintendent of Carroll County public schools, has asked the state to waive one day of classes.

The county put four inclement-weather days into the 2003- 2004 calendar, but schools were closed eight days.

The state waived one of the two days that schools were closed for Tropical Storm Isabel in September. But between Dec. 5 and Feb. 6, the system closed six times for snow and ice.

The county made up two days by staying open on Feb. 16 and Feb. 17, days that were scheduled as holidays for students. A staff development day originally set for Feb. 17 was postponed until March 2, the state's primary election day.

In a letter dated Thursday to Nancy S. Grasmick, state superintendent of schools, Ecker said the county had made a good-faith effort to schedule additional days to make up for time lost. He asked for a response as soon as possible so the Board of Education can make adjustments to the school calendar.

Carroll County scheduled class on Good Friday last year to make up class time lost to snow. The result was thousands of student absences and hundreds of teachers taking personal days.

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