March 21, 2004

Too bad Owens won after pitching a fit

I've always known that professional athletes make way too much money. But now we know that they can jump up and down, stomp their feet, refuse to abide by their contracts, and still get whatever they want.

I was amused when Terrell Owens first started to throw a fit because he was traded to the Ravens and could not become a free agent and cash in on a signing bonus.

I thought that he would surely take his aggressions out on the agent who seemed to miss the boat on a few deadlines. Instead, he threw a fit better than any 4-year-old could imagine. He filed grievances, demanded that deadlines be extended for him, and refused to even think about suiting up in purple and black.

It makes me laugh to think what my supervisor would do if I decided to act in ways similar to Owens. I would definitely not get a raise or a signing bonus. I would probably be asked to clean out my desk and pick up my final paycheck.

Good luck, Philadelphia! At least the Ravens still have team cohesion and an extra draft pick for their troubles.

Carolyn Swartz Baltimore

Playing by rules doesn't work in NFL

As much as Baltimore fans probably won't lose much sleep over the fact that we will not have to deal with Terrell Owens' childish antics coming to our town, the fact remains that the town of Baltimore was taken advantage of by the NFL yet again.

How is it possible that one week we are told that the trade that brought Terrell Owens to Baltimore was done legally and that there is no chance it will be overturned, and then the next week, it is indeed overturned?

No one can argue that Owens would have filled a huge void for us, but I am not at all saddened by the fact that Philadelphia will now have to deal with him.

What does drive me crazy, as I'm sure it does every other Ravens fan, is the fact that because we were under the impression that we had Owens in the fold, we missed out on signing other quality free-agent receivers, including our best receiver from last year, Marcus Robinson, and missed trying to make a trade for one.

Instead, all we got in return was a fifth-round draft pick. Are we supposed to be grateful for that? That is a travesty!

Mike Shanahan White Marsh

Williams' greatness on display in ACCs

If there was any doubt about using the word "great" to describe Gary Williams' coaching ability, I hope they have finally been put to bed after the Terps won the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament.

Yes, Mike Krzyzewski is also a great coach at Duke, but Williams took the youngest team in the ACC, an NCAA bubble team three weeks ago, and made it a contender for a national championship.

Jeff Mariner Phoenix

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