The final score

March 17, 2004|By Ray Frager

Who won and who lost in the Terrell Owens settlement:


Owens: Call him a big baby, but, in the end, he held his breath and turned green - Eagles green.

Eagles: Would their new go-to receiver dare complain when Donovan McNabb makes some of his scatter-armed throws?

49ers: The club gets veteran defensive lineman Brandon Whiting, whose stats from last season show 31 tackles, two sacks and zero pompoms.


Ravens: With no upgrade at receiver, their best move might be a big contribution to the Jamal Lewis Legal Defense Fund.

NFL: If a deadline falls and no agent hears it ... well, let's have a settlement and forget the whole thing.

Other options for the Ravens

Curtis Conway: The 12-year veteran, 33, was released by the Jets last month. He has had three 1,000-yard season, none since 2001.

Dez White: The former Georgia Tech star, 24, has modest career highs (656 yards, four touchdowns). Chicago seems set to let him leave.

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