Letters to the Editor

March 14, 2004

2 delegates also back Marley Neck bond bill

The article regarding the House of Delegates bond bill (HB 1516) to restore the Marley Neck School ("Community aims to preserve black school," March 7) mentions one of the bill's three sponsors.

We, too, are sponsors of this important bill which seeks to restore and preserve one of the 24 Rosenwald Fund schools established for black children in the early part of the twentieth century in Anne Arundel County.

We also commend Helen Johnson, Rosalie Gaither, Yvonne Henry and other County residents who have taken the initiative to secure support for this worthwhile project.

Del. John R. Leopold


Del. Donald H. Dwyer Jr.

R-Glen Burnie

Are fees for 911 calls being used properly?

Your article "Owens wants tax on cells" (March 5) quotes Police Chief P. Thomas Shanahan, "Sometimes when you call 911 today you get a recording." I am appalled and amazed -- nothing is just as good as a recording. What happens to the 75-cent charge (25 cents for state and 50 cents county) that appears on my phone bill every month? Do we have another instance of dedicated taxes going to other projects? If the 911 system is in such dire straits, perhaps a 25-cent increase in the 911 county tax is in order. Anne Arundel County Executive Janet Owens' request to impose a new 5 percent tax on cell phones is not in order. New taxes? Enough is enough!

Donald Killian

Brooklyn Park

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