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March 14, 2004|By John M. Moran The Hartford Courant

After a brief layoff during the market downturn, stock options are making a comeback in corporate America.

And a Web site, MyStockOptions.com, can help keep tabs on yours. The site makes it easy to track gains (or losses) from stock options, employee stock purchase plans and other on-the-job investments.

MyStockOptions.com charges for some services, but free registration covers most of the basics. You can see the current value of nonqualified stock options, monitor incentive stock options, and even figure out the difference between the two.

Built-in calculators answer questions such as: "If I exercise options today, how much money will I take home after taxes?" Articles cover such topics as common stock option mistakes and how to prevent a "Martha Stewart moment."

You decide if the extras are worth the premium, but the free service is a good investment even if your options aren't.

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