County to study area's need for a public sewer system

March 12, 2004|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

After what officials called a positive meeting with residents of Union Mills and Silver Run, Carroll County will undertake a preliminary study to determine whether the area needs a public sewer system.

In both communities north of Westminster, failing septic tanks have created problems, said Ed Singer, director of the county Health Department's environmental health division. Many septic tanks and treatment systems in the two communities are older, on smaller lots and difficult to repair, he said. Also, some predate today's more stringent environmental regulations.

"We have to determine what public opinion is on this," said Douglas E. Myers, the county's public works director.

Singer will complete a sanitary survey, which could take about three months, of the two communities to determine what land the public service area would include. The county would then ask residents to complete an income survey. Many low- and moderate-income families could be eligible for state grant money for public works projects.

Once it has collected the data, the county can apply to the state for funds to extend its sewer lines to the communities.

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