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March 11, 2004|By James Coates | James Coates,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Since upgrading to the newest version of Microsoft Office, I have been vexed by an inability to permanently dismiss the "Reviewing" toolbar, which seems to appear each time I open a file that was received from someone else or at some point was shared with someone else. Is there some way to tell Word and Excel to cool it? I don't want to see this Toolbar unless I ask for it.

Maybe Microsoft's code crafters got carried away when in Office 2003 they beefed up this tool that allows multiple people in an office to collaborate on a document by making visible to everybody the changes each participant makes to a document. This, of course, is handled by the Reviewing Pane that so irks you.

As you have discovered, when one uses the normal tool for removing the two-line toolbar for reviewing, it disappears for that session but returns next time the document is opened. Specifically, one clicks on View, picks Toolbars in the program and scrolls down to the Reviewing box to remove the checkmark and close down the toolbar. But this doesn't change the underlying code in the document.

Instead, click on Tools and Customize and then Toolbars to find the area where the default Toolbar settings are created for each document. If you remove the Reviewing check there and save the document, it will not return next time you open it.

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