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Last word

March 11, 2004


When Gustav Brunn brought his spice grinder with him to the United States from Germany in 1938, he probably didn't think it would ever be in a museum.

A new exhibit, called Lives Lost, Lives Found, is opening Sunday at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, 15 Lloyd St. The exhibition follows the stories of Baltimore's German Jewish refugees who escaped to Baltimore between 1933 and 1945. It features personal memorabilia, oral testimonies, photographs and other objects, including Brunn's spice grinder, which he used to create the now famous Old Bay Seasoning.

Tickets are $8. Call 410-732-6400, Ext. 14, or visit

-- Elizabeth Piccirillo


If St. Patrick wanted to put together a singing, step-dancing, musical performance in his honor he'd probably call Baltimore native Rosie Shipley. In honor of this year's St. Patrick's celebration, Double Exposure, a concert featuring fiddle-playing Shipley and vocalist Lisa Moscatiello, will be at the Baltimore Museum of Art auditorium, 10 Art Museum Drive, tomorrow at 8:15 p.m.

Joining in are Shipley's step-dancing brothers Peter and Trevor, also playing flute, whistle and button accordion. Members of her touring band, the Willow Band, will also appear. The show includes performances from singer / songwriter / guitar virtuoso Gerry O'Bierne and piper E.J. Jones.

Tickets are $15. Call 410-235-7490 or visit


Jonatha Brooke stops in Maryland to promote her new album ... Skin is the best canvas at the Tattoo Museum.

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