Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

March 07, 2004

Maryland shouldn't gamble on slots

If Md. needs revenue, why gamble on slots? Some Howard County politicians cite practical reasons for supporting slot machines in Maryland. They all must have been playing hooky during math class.

When there is a tax, or fee like the Bay cleanup fee, the citizen pays a dollar, and the government gets a dollar.

When the same citizen loses a dollar at the slot machine, some intermediary gets up to 39 cents and the government gets 61 cents.

In either case, the citizen has $1 dollar less, but the government is substantially worse off with the slot machine.

Thomas H. Hartman


A vote of confidence for CA leadership

Your recent article regarding the strained relations on the Columbia Association Board of Directors ("Conflict strains CA's board," Feb. 23) mentioned a few points which deserve reiterating. The CA board has not been this disharmonious since the last time the Alliance for a Better Columbia had a near majority on the board. Secondly, when the ABC had a clear majority on the CA board, it hired Deborah McCarty as CA President. What a fiasco that was!

Could it be that the members of the ABC are the ones who are part of the problem and not part of the solution? I recently sent a letter to all ten village boards encouraging them to send a representative to each Columbia Council meeting to see and judge for themselves just who is failing our community. I would like to encourage all residents of Columbia to do the same. Find out with your own ears just what is said by and to staff and in what tone of voice those comments are delivered.

See the behavior of members of the audience and understand why CA now employs a security guard at meetings.

I would also like to encourage all those who speak quietly among themselves about how concerned they are with the situation to finally say it out loud. People who have been residents of Columbia for years and appreciate that CA has done positive things for our community have been silent for too long.

Joan Lancos


Cousin can restore optimism in schools

Howard County parents who are following the Baltimore City schools' budget crisis can say, "At least that's not us."

We have endured serious problems in our school system throughout the school year, including the Board of Education's ouster of the superintendent. In truth, we have something significant in common with the city. We're all relying on our schools' teachers and staff to keep all the problems from affecting our children's education.

Optimism about Howard County schools will return this week when interim superintendent Dr. Sydney Cousin reports for work. Here's hoping that Dr. Cousin helps bring an end to our troubles.

Heather Tom

Ellicott City

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