Coach SCOOTS around town


March 07, 2004|By Maria Blackburn | Maria Blackburn,Special to the Sun

We like Coach -- it's classic, fun and it wears like iron. We've always been curious to see what the company will design next and have watched as handbags and small leather goods became clothing, shoes and dog collars. Well, now it's Vespas.

You know, Vespas, those cute little Italian motor scooters that are so filled with personality, so chic. And with these Vespas, we're talking crocodile and suede patchwork seats and custom paint jobs meant to match your tote bag and scarf.

OK, so the Coach Piaggio Vespas are a custom thing, meant to celebrate the launch of Coach Eyewear this spring. And the Coach Vespas aren't for sale -- they'll be auctioned to benefit charity after being displayed at Coach stores around the country.

Coach Eyewear starts at $128 and is available at or at Coach stores and department stores nationwide. For information, call 800-223-8647.

And in case you want a Vespa of your very own, you should know that they start at about $3,000 and get 40 to 60 miles per gallon. Crocodile seats are, of course, extra.

Vroom. Vroom.

Mister Skin needs some love

Dry skin is for wimps. Babies. Women.

Think again, Mr. Macho. Even rockers Fred Durst and Tommy Lee suffer from wintry skin woes, and their salve of choice is Anthony Logistics. So be kind to your face as you shave it these last few weeks of winter. Here's how:

1. Slough off the dead skin cells with Algae Facial Cleanser ($20). The algae cleans and refreshes, and the aloe heals bumps and irritations.

2. Get ready to shave with a slather of Anthony Pre-Shave oil ($18). The blend of essential oils softens skin, prepares it for shaving and helps prevent razor burn.

3. After shaving, soothe your skin with Anthony Logistics After Shave ($18). The greaseless emulsion of natural plant extracts will heal, nourish and protect skin.

Anthony Logistics products are available at Joie de Vivre in Pikesville, Nordstrom stores and at

Colors of femininity

Trucker caps and vintage rock T-shirts are so over. This spring, it's all about flirty, feminine style, and Stila wants to make sure your makeup goes with your pearls and floral dresses.

Their three palettes, inspired by the colorful blooms on a collection of vintage handkerchiefs, range from sage (bone-white shadow for eyelid, soft sage for the crease, dark-charcoal liner and pale, peachy blush) to purple (peachy-white base shadow, muted lavender for the crease, deep-plum liner and rosy blush) to blue (lemony-white base shadow, slate blue for the crease, dark-chocolate liner and geranium- pink blush). Each costs $28.

And for the lips, don't miss the sheer shimmery-pink, pinky-coral and peachy- nude lip colors ($16.50). Stila cosmetics are available at Nordstrom or www.stila

Kiss your Sugar Daddy

The days of Luv's Baby Soft and bubble-gum-scented Lip Smackers have returned to us like a really strong-smelling scratch and sniff Magic Marker.

Lotta Luv has introduced a whole line of lip balms and glosses with the scent and taste of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Sugar Daddys, Tootsie Rolls, Junior Mints, Twinkies and other favorite sweets.

Available for $2.75 at Claire's, the glosses smell good enough to eat. But resist the temptation. Although calorie-free, they're not exactly toothsome. And really, how attractive was that kid with the marker all over his nose, anyway?

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