Showcase of cutting-edge houses proves big winner in Las Vegas

March 07, 2004|By John Handley | John Handley,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Five houses in a Las Vegas parking lot disappeared four days after they went on display.

But that was the plan.

They weren't stolen or lost at the gaming tables.

In fact, Show Village 2004 was a winner at the annual convention of the National Association of Home Builders in Las Vegas this year.

Five houses were built in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center, primarily to showcase cutting-edge building products. They attracted thousands of attendees at the show.

After the four-day event, they were recycled for charity. Carefully dismantled, they were moved to permanent locations and reassembled, or soon will be.

The five show houses were a two-story sponsored by Georgia-Pacific, Beazer Homes and Kimball Hill Homes; a one-story 2004 NextGen Demonstration Home; and three ranch-style houses built by Lennar Homes, William Lyon Homes and a group of remodelers.

The three ranchers have been donated to Habitat for Humanity. With 1,200 square feet and three bedrooms, they are valued at $135,000 each, said Susan Mackert, executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Las Vegas.

Because the houses were donated by the builders, they will be sold by Habitat to selected buyers for $80,000.

The houses built by Lennar and William Lyon will be moved to side-by-side lots in the Vegas Heights subdivision.

The families that will move into them next month will receive no-interest mortgages that will require monthly payments of no more than 21 percent of their income.

The Habitat house that was built by the remodelers has been moved to a permanent site in California because some of its building systems have not been approved in Las Vegas, Mackert said.

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