Owens is quip on the trigger

March 06, 2004|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER


A compilation of comments by NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens in Saturday's Today section should have made clear that one statement was from a Web site devoted to satire and was not a direct quote.

NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens' mouth might just be the only thing faster than his feet. You have to hand it to him (or pass it - just get him the ball), he has a way with words, if he does say so himself. And he does.

Asked one time what word best describes him, Owens famously replied, "confident." Asked for another word, he said "very."

Who better, then, to give us an introduction to the newest Baltimore Raven - should he actually become one? Here, culled from the quote files of his eight-year pro career, is Terrell Owens on "T.O."

On his "signature" move, autographing a football in the end zone: "I see my work like Picasso. He signed off on his work. I signed off on my work. ... I'm just trying to have fun."

On comparisons with former mentor Jerry Rice: "I think everybody wants me to follow in Jerry's footsteps, act with class. Jerry has the style of game he plays, I've got my style of game that I play."

On being labeled a pain: "One of the things people misunderstand about me is that a lot of the things I say are born out of my intense desire to win. I am not an arrogant or a selfish person; however, I am confident in my abilities and I know how hard I work to succeed. Most often, I simply do what my mother and grandmother taught me - be honest and always tell the truth."

On team spirit: "I'm going to be a free-lance receiver. If a team needs me for a particular game, they can sign me to a one-week contract. I will not play for any team for more than one day, because that would make me part of that team, and I don't want to be anyone's teammate. The contracts I sign will state in clear language that I want a minimum of 10 catches a game, and at least three of them need to be thrown in the end zone. I also want a chorus line of Broadway dancers to take part in my well-choreographed dance routines. America loves my touchdown dances. I truly believe that, despite all the hate mail."

On doubters: "If they want to take shots at me, cool. If they've looked at the films, they know that I'm bigger, I'm faster and I'm stronger. And my heart don't pump no Kool-Aid.'"

On speaking his mind: "I have big plans and lots of surprises in store for my fans. I'm going to inflict my personality on America year-round instead of only during football season."

On controversy: "It's just a T.O. thing."

Sun staff writer Heather Goddard contributed to this article.

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