Radio personality Larry Young recovering from serious illness

March 03, 2004|By Ivan Penn | Ivan Penn,SUN STAFF

Former state Sen. Larry Young, a prominent radio talk-show host in Baltimore, was improving yesterday after being rushed last month to a hospital with a life-threatening condition related to his lungs and heart, close friends and state leaders said.

Doctors at Union Memorial Hospital examined his heart yesterday to see how it was functioning and to determine what happened Feb. 20 when he became ill during his WOLB radio show.

"He's progressing," said state Sen. Joan Carter Conway, who spoke with Young this week and visited him shortly after he became sick.

"In terms of his health overall, he needs time to recuperate," Conway said.

The 54-year-old West Baltimore native became ill as he was preparing to go on the air with several guests, including City Councilman Melvin L. Stukes and city schools Chief Executive Bonnie S. Copeland, to discuss the school system's financial problems.

Young was rushed to Maryland General Hospital and kept in the intensive care unit in critical condition.

He was later moved to Union Memorial.

"It was touch-and-go a week ago," said Eula Anderson, Young's godmother, in a telephone call from his room yesterday. "They didn't think he was going to make it, but God let him make it.

"He's going to make it," Anderson said. "All I can say is, you all send up some prayers for him."

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