GOP accused of hurting campaign

February 19, 2004

A Republican candidate entered in the March 2 primary election to unseat three-term Democratic incumbent Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski said yesterday that the state Republican Party has repeatedly attempted to sabotage his campaign.

Corrogan R. Vaughn, a Baltimore County resident who ran for Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes' seat in 2000, accused party leaders of withholding access to a computerized list of likely voters (known as "Voter Vault") and favoring state Sen. E.J. Pipkin, a former Wall Street bond salesman also vying for Mikulski's seat.

"My problem is this: There is a blatant bias toward one candidate," Vaughn, 37, said.

John Kane, chairman of the Maryland GOP, dismissed Vaughn's allegations.

"He has not raised any serious money, not made meetings and not responded to our e-mail offerings of help," Kane said. "The party is not `anointing' anyone."

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