Survey Says

Survey Says

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February 19, 2004

Last week's question

What do you think about the new Hippodrome Theatre?

48.5 percent I haven't been there (16 votes)

45.5 percent It's what Baltimore needs (15 votes)

3 percent It's better than the Mechanic (1 vote)

3 percent I prefer the Mechanic (1 vote)

0 percent It's breathtaking (0 votes)

0 percent It's just OK (0 votes)

33 total votes

This week's question

Do you plan to go to Florida for spring training?

Yes, I go every year

I'll stop by if I'm in Florida


No, I never go

No, I hate baseball

Vote at / live. Post your answer and see what others have to say, then look for the results (and a new question) in next week's LIVE! section.

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