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February 15, 2004|By - John Moran/Hartford Courant

"Dial-around" long-distance plans promise deep discounts, but with 10-10-this and 10-15-that, trying to figure out which provider is best for calling a particular area can make your head spin.

Sorting out that mess is the perfect job for a Web site and, sure enough, someone has built one. It's called

The site offers information and comparison shopping on the wide range of dial-around providers. Features include consumer alerts when providers try to sneak through higher rates, advice on how to choose a plan and comparisons on intrastate, interstate and international long-distance.

The site seems to be updated frequently to reflect pricing changes. Brief reviews offer insights into the pros and cons of various services.

So the next time you see a dial-around service advertised on television, check it out on before picking up the phone.

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