Carroll Digest


January 30, 2004

Taneytown to re-establish recreation council Tuesday

The Taneytown Area Recreation Council will be reorganized at a meeting Tuesday night after it was disbanded this month, the mayor said.

New officers are to be elected and bylaws and regulations devised to cover all sports played at town parks and school fields, said Mayor W. Robert Flickinger.

The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Taneytown police station. The recreation council was dissolved at a crowded meeting Jan 13.

"We disbanded the whole organization to reorganize," said Flickinger, who was involved in the council's formation "many, many years ago. I was just doing it as mayor to get the thing back on the road again."

Commissioners approve five-year trash contract

The Carroll County Commissioners approved a new five-year agreement with the county's trash hauling company yesterday.

The county will now pay $45.24 a ton to have Waste Management of Maryland cart its garbage to a disposal facility in central Virginia, an increase of $2.73 a ton. The projected amount to be hauled is 87,000 tons yearly, at a cost of $3.94 million.

The new agreement provides for price increases each year, with a limit on inflation, the commissioners said. Until July, trash had been hauled to an incinerator in York, Pa., but the owners of that facility said it would not be able to handle waste from out of state by 2010. The higher cost, however, reflects an increase from five years ago rather than the change in location, county officials said.

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