Reaction to shake-up from Dean's Web log Supporters of...

January 29, 2004

Reaction to shake-up from Dean's Web log

Supporters of Howard Dean responded to the campaign's leadership change in typical fashion yesterday -- with hundreds of postings on the campaign's Web site. The messages -- some angry, others celebratory and a few misspelled -- included these:

I'm really concerned with this. Joe Trippi was the reason this campaign ever got off the ground floor. And NPR says this new guy [Al Gore's former chief-of-staff] is a lobbyist and the very definition of a Washington insider. What gives?

Thanks and bye.

Look, John Kerry fired his campaign manager after disappointing results, too. This is no time for sentimentality. ...

No no no no that is the worst thing!

The media will be all over this!



Thanks Joe, I'm sorry to hear about the shakeup, you revolutionized politics. Still, I think that this campaign is about Dean, and about us, and you know as well as anybody that there is no margin for error in this tough political game.

I think Dean's messages have still been muddled. He keeps bashing the media, sniping at journalists. Whereas I think he is right, and has a point, it seems as if he's running for editor for a news network, and not President. Stop working the refs, and start throwing elbows.

Mr. Trippi did many good things for this campaign. we thank him for his good efforts ... but if he is indeed responsible for spending $35 million, it is time to change CEO's. I do believe it reveals much about his ego to leave like this though, if it is true Dean asked him to stay.

Shake-ups can be wonderful things! On to South Carolina etc. ...!!! WE LOVE DEAN!

Sianara, Joe.

This is great news. Now we might actually be able to get a decent media strategy and take back the country.

Joe! What the hell?!! You said this was about all of us. Why are you abandoning ship? I donated a lot of money. Please reconsider and stay on in some capacity. Or at least give us a better explanation. I hope it's not just a bruised ego. Yes, the media did there best to destroy the campaign, but we have to keep fighting.

If it wasn't for Joe Trippi we wouldn't even be having this conversation because Dean would still be an asterix. Roy Neel is a Washington insider that worked for Gore and then for Clinton. Gore was a joke! And so was Clinton! Does this mean Howard Dean will become the same? He won't get any more of my money unless he proves he won't.

Since we now have a new campaign manager with proven experience, do not listen to the media when they say our campaign is confused and in disarry. Remember, Kerry switched managers and look what happened to his campaign!

Well, time to support John Edwards.

Why? I'd rather see John Edwards win over John Kerry. Kerry is no better than Bush, they both went to Yale, both are rich.

Kerry is the democrat version of Bush.

John Edwards good luck.

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