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January 25, 2004

Transfer tax inspires excessive spending

When you give liberal politicians an additional tax dollar, they will spend it. That is the situation in Carroll County this year where the Board of County Commissioners are asking for a new transfer tax that will take an additional $5 million dollars from taxpayers each year. The amount per residential sale would be from $2,000 to $3,000, depending on the percentage assessed on the gross sale price.

The budgets for Carroll County are balanced for the next five years as outlined in the 2004 budget book. Page 31 of that book shows that the unobligated funds for 2005 total $4 million, for 2006 over $6 million, for 2007 over $7 million, for 2008 over $10 million; and for 2009 almost $10 million, for a total of $38 million in unobligated funds in the next five years.

If the Carroll County commissioners are given the authority to tax homeowners when they sell their homes, it will encourage unnecessary and wasteful spending. An example of such wasteful spending was the request to build a dog run paid for with taxpayer money and place it under the Department of Recreation. It was turned down not because it was an unnecessary government activity, but because it was too close to the surrounding homes.

The Carroll County commissioners should examine each department budget carefully to determine which expenditures are really necessary for the well-being of Carroll County citizens and fund only those expenditures. They should not fund the utopian wants of some citizens by over taxing other citizens.

James E. Reter

President, Carroll County Taxpayers Association

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