`Rehearsal for Murder' staged at Reservoir High


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January 15, 2004|By Peyton Johns | Peyton Johns,ATHOLTON HIGH SCHOOL

The phone went silent before she could finish her sentence. Alex was scared; he didn't know what was going on. He rushed over to her apartment, but he was too late. ... She was already dead.

The police called it suicide, and even the note proved it true. But Alex knew better. ... She was murdered.

This is only the beginning of a masterful plot designed by D.D. Brooke in the murder mystery Rehearsal for Murder, which was portrayed beautifully by Reservoir High School.

The story is hatched when Alex takes the listener on a series of flashbacks recalling the events leading up to his fiancee's death.

He is sure she was murdered, but he has only one way of proving it. He puts his writing skills to the test and determines a script destined to catch the killer in the perfect trap.

In the beginning, we meet Alex Dennison, a charming and suave playwright, played by William Klaczynski, and his fiancee, Monica Welles, played by Nikolette Varsa.

William and Nikolette establish an extraordinary chemistry in the moments they share together onstage, indicating clearly the love that Monica and Alex share for one another.

Sally Bean, Alex's secretary from Maine, is portrayed by Theresa Hubbard.

With a delightfully cheerful disposition, Theresa adds a light-hearted friendliness whenever she steps on stage.

Alex's play is performed through a talented ensemble of actors. Jacob Frelick, acting the part of Leo Gibbs, creates a comedic atmosphere and never leaves the stage without drawing laughter from the audience.

The transitions from present day into a flashback were done fabulously with lighting. Along with the lighting, the stage crew operated at such speed and accuracy that scene shifts were never missed and were often completed early.

With an all-star cast, wonderful tech and a plot twist that's to die for, Rehearsal for Murder was a murder mystery that provided joy to the entire family, no matter what their motives were.

Reservoir High School presented Rehearsal for Murder on Nov. 14 and 15.

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