British babies getting TV names

January 10, 2004

Jack and Emily were the most popular names for babies born in England and Wales in 2003.

Jack has been the most popular name for boys for the past nine years, the Office for National Statistics said this week. The rest of the top five are Joshua, Thomas, James and Daniel.

The most popular names for girls were similarly traditional. Emily was followed by Ellie, Chloe, Jessica and Sophie.

TV stars and celebrities are making their mark. Alfie jumped 31 places to No. 18 on the boys' list, reflecting the popularity of a pub landlord character on the TV soap EastEnders. Chardonnay, given to 91 girls, was inspired by one of the characters on the drama Footballers' Wives.

There were 1,053 babies named Poppy registered in 2003 and 1,373 named Daisy - the names of Naked Chef star Jamie Oliver's two daughters.

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