Top Fives

Top Fives

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January 08, 2004


1. "Hey Ya!" OutKast

2. "The Way You Move," OutKast featuring Sleepy Brown

3. "Milkshake," Kelis

4. "Stand Up," Ludacris (featuring Shawnna)

5. "You Don't Know My Name," Alicia Keys

(From Billboard magazine)


1. Soulful, Ruben Studdard

2. The Diary of Alicia Keys, Alicia Keys

3. Now 14, Various Artists

4. Shock'n Y'all, Toby Keith

5. Closer, Josh Groban

(From Billboard magazine)

Concert Tours

1. Simon & Garfunkel

2. Eagles

3. Shania Twain

4. Aerosmith-Kiss

5. Fleetwood Mac

(From Pollstar)

DVD Sales

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

2. Finding Nemo

3. Bruce Almighty (pan & scan)

4. Bruce Almighty (widescreen)

5. X2: X-Men United (widescreen)

(From Billboard magazine)

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