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January 08, 2004|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Was that Professor Snape dining at Kali's Court recently? Sans the black wig and cape he dons in the Harry Potter films, Alan Rickman looked positively Brit-cool in black leather. Ladies, think an updated version of Rickman's Colonel Brandon in 1995's Sense and Sensibility. Or his evil Hans Gruber (keep the sexy, lose the sinister) from 1988's Die Hard.

Rickman is in town filming an HBO flick. But he's going neither sexy nor sinister this time around. In Something the Lord Made, Rickman plays the late Johns Hopkins cardiologist Alfred Blalock, who with his research assistant Vivien Thomas (portrayed by Mos Def) figured out a way to save oxygen-deprived newborns.

Meanwhile, Rickman is charmed by Charm City - particularly the American Visionary Art Museum. He told Kali's co-owner Karen Patten that AVAM is one of the best museums he's ever seen.

Ham Roll party

One of the best parties she's gone to - that's how Susannah Siger describes Edye Sanford and Craig Huntley's annual "Hair of the Dog" party. The Oh! Said Rose owner was one of about 60 friends and neighbors and their families at the casual New Year's Day get-together the clothing designer and engineer throw at their home in Ham Roll. (For those of us not up on local parlance, Edye says that's the affectionate term for the area straddling Roland Park and Hampden).

"I love her crowd," raves Susannah. "There were people there from 8 to 80."

And that's not all. Canine guests are on the invite list, too. Edye says they had two "visiting pugs" this year. She describes the day as boisterous, yet low key. Everyone just hangs out - enjoying one another, as well as lots of vegetarian food. You can imbibe. Or not. But one thing you can't do - watch the New Year's bowl games. Edye and Craig specifically do not have the tube on.

"This is for people who don't want to watch football," Edye explains.

Speaking of watching, Susannah noticed that several guests were wearing Edye's latest design: wrap-around miniskirts made from 1950s-inspired retro-print bark cloth. Now, that's how to make your hostess happy.

Surprise of the week

Wanna surprise your sweetie for his 50th birthday? Throw him a surprise party. On his 51st. That's what Baltimore fitness guru Lynne Brick did last weekend for her partner in life and business, husband Victor. On Victor's 50th - Jan. 3, 2003 - Lynne presented him with a year-long present. She called it "50 Ways To Keep Your Lover"- reversing the theme of the old Paul Simon hit.

"Any time he'd mention something he wanted throughout the year, I'd make a mental note and then surprise him with it," Lynne says.

That meant something as simple as a book or a pair of socks. Or a manicure (very metrosexual, don't you know) or a hot stone massage. There were 49 such surprise gifts spread out through the year. Gift No. 50? That surprise party on Victor's 51st. With - you guessed it - 50 guests, including Towson University pres Bob Caret and his wife Liz Scanlon, school chums John Lowe and Scott Hamilton, former Baltimore Colt Stan White, local lawyer Tommy Thomas and wife Audrey, attorney Jay Lenrow and wife Ruth, the Kristin Rita Strouse Foundation's Sharon and Doug Strouse, and business buddies Dave Pivec and Frank Culotta.

"I thought I'd do a little something different and keep Victor on his toes," Lynne, a former dancer, comments.

Considering the dazed look on Victor's face, consider him "en pointe!"

Good Love again

Looks like Canton's Good Love Bar is finally on its way back into being. If you recall, a fire pretty much destroyed the Boston Street in-spot last March. Jason Sanchez - who owns Good Love with Patrick Radoci - says the re-building began a couple of months ago, and should take a couple months more. Jason swears the new Good Love will have the same vibe as the old. You know, layers of lounges in the old rowhouse, and a DJ spinning just the right atmosphere. When it comes to what changes might be in store, Jason isn't spilling. Yet.

What about a sign, or - in the case of this place - the famed lack thereof?

"There probably won't be your typical signage," Jason hints. Hmmm. Perhaps another non-typical nameplate like the a sleek tree symbol at Jason and Patrick's other hot spot, Red Maple?

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