Roadwork beginning near I-83, Beltway

Upgrade of bridges, ramps to span two years

January 05, 2004|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

The state is kicking off this week a $19 million, two-year project to improve five bridges and roadways near the interchange of the Baltimore Beltway and Interstate 83 in Baltimore County.

The project is part of the state's continuing effort to improve highway safety and prepare for expansion of the northern section of the Beltway, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation's State Highway Administration.

The following bridges and roads will be affected:

The Joppa Road bridge over the Beltway will be replaced with a wider and higher bridge to allow for expansion of the highway below. Beginning this week, the highway administration will close one of the bridge's two lanes for construction. It will manage two-way traffic with temporary traffic signals.

The Beltway's eastbound bridge over Thornton Road will have its road surface reconstructed and will be widened to allow for eastbound highway expansion. Work is scheduled to begin next month.

The bridge's existing noise barrier will be taken down during construction and replaced when construction is complete. A new sidewalk and curb will be built along Thornton Road under the bridge; pedestrians will have access to the road during construction.

Abutments on the bridge over the ramp from I-695 west to I-83 south will be repaired starting in late April.

The bridge on the Beltway over the Falls Road access road to I-83 will be reconstructed, raised in height and widened beginning in late April.

The ramp from I-695 west to I-83 south over the Falls Road access road will be reconstructed and widened to provide a wider left shoulder and improve sight distance for drivers. Work is scheduled to begin early this month.

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