Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

January 04, 2004

Holt to be missed on school board

I read, with much regret, that Susan Holt would not continue on the Carroll County Board of Education beyond her current term ("School board hopefuls are few," Dec. 23).

As a parent of school-age children, I follow the board activity closely, attending board meetings as frequently as possible. I have witnessed first hand her commitment and dedication to the parents and children of Carroll County. Susan has consistently represented the citizens of Carroll County with a passion, an intensity and integrity that goes well beyond what we expect of elected officials. Her efforts on behalf of our children, teachers and school administration will be missed.

Lou Ann Dent


Springfield Hospital thanks volunteers

Our 2003 holiday season was a great success at Springfield Hospital Center, thanks to the many people in our community and surrounding areas who shared the joy of giving. With your help, the employees, along with many volunteers, worked together to ensure our patients experienced a very nice holiday at Springfield.

We are so thankful for our volunteers and are always in need of more, as are so many other organizations. We try throughout the year and during the holidays to provide for the needs of the patients, but this can only be accomplished when people like you are willing to share.

Again, many thanks! I hope that each of you enjoys health, happiness and prosperity in 2004. And please remember our patients at Springfield Hospital Center. They need to know that someone cares.

Betty Jean Maus


The writer is director of volunteer services.

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