This doormat stays in place

Merry Xcess

December 24, 2003|By Annie Linskey

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It may seem peculiar, but nothing can offer a warmer welcome to your holiday guests than cold cast iron.

At least, according to Connecticut's White Flower Farm, as it offers a new 20-pound cast-iron doormat.

Old-fashioned types might think cast iron only belongs in the kitchen. But the folks at White Flower Farm believe metal solves two problems that haunt the traditional rubber or cloth variety of doormats.

"Many doormats look great but don't stay put and don't last," declares the catalog. Not so with this one. "It is going to last - if you don't drop it," says company spokeswoman Renee Beaulieu. "Cast iron is kind of brittle, so if you drop it on stone it might break - although it might break your concrete, because it is pretty heavy."

Maybe. But what about that staying-put part? Its weight - and heavy-duty rubber feet - keep the mat in place, says the catalog. But in my neighborhood at least, it might take something stronger than rubber feet to make sure even a 20- pound doormat doesn't walk away.

White Flower Farm cast-iron doormat, $46. No. X50373. Call 800-503-9624, or visit and click on Web Specials.

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