Doggie treats, did you say doggie treats?

Merry Xcess

December 22, 2003

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Dogs are man's best friend. So naturally the two have been combined into high-end dog products from the lavish canine lovers at

The average dog would be content finding a new bone or tennis ball under the tree, but more sophisticated dog owners know their pooch deserves something more glamorous. Your four-legged girl will feel like the belle of the ball with the Platinum Studded Collar and a new bottle of La Pooch perfume. Or, maybe she would enjoy a spa day, complete with Paw Butter, Herbal Massage Oils and an Orange Peel Oil Shampoo bar.

Canine companions also know their pets deserve only the best in bedding and dining. offers the Hydro Dogbed, a claw-resistant waterbed that promises relief for back ailments. And, if waking up to Alpo in a plastic dog dish is just not acceptable, Poochie might prefer the Queens Pillow Dish, a pink and jeweled bowl suitable for royalty.

Platinum Studded Collar ($30), La Pooch Perfume - Female Scent ($49.99), Paw Butter ($16.95 for 2 ounces), Queens Pillow Dish ($39.99 for large size), Hydro Dogbed ($49.99 for large) and Herbal Massage Oils ($16.55 for 1 ounce), available at

- Meredith James

Little somethings

Got a babe on your gift list this holiday season? Not that kind - we mean the ones that gurgle and spit up on you.

If you do, good luck. Your basic infant generally lacks the ability to articulate a holiday wish list, while terrifying TV exclusives tell you the ways seemingly every toy on the market poses a hazard to little ones. Luckily, the Tiffany & Co. Web site is there for you, allowing the frazzled parent to shop for baby.

Maybe baby wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Tiffany understands. It offers an array of sterling silver spoons, from the Faneuil feeding spoon ($75) to the Monkey spoon ($155). Also in abundance are baby-geared eating vessels, which come in a multitude of designs (but all with the nagging fear that baby could hurl the delicate instruments across the room). Take your pick from the porcelain Tiffany Meadows plate, mug and porringer set ($125) to the set of four 8-inch, bone china Tiffany Jungle dessert plates ($125).

Don't forget the sterling silver Man on the Moon rattle ($100) and the sterling silver ABC Bears ring rattle ($150). Or go metaphorical, and visualize the way baby will nibble at your paycheck for the next 18 years while watching him enjoy the sterling silver Tiffany Farm teether ($150).

Find baby selections at Look under "baby" on the site index.

- Julia Furlong

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