ISO `Sex and the City' fans

December 19, 2003

Stop sipping that cosmopolitan. Put down the tartini. On Jan. 4, the last half of the last season of Sex and The City begins, and we'd like to mark the occasion.

Please send us your fondest - or least fond - memory of the show. Describe your favorite moment. Your favorite pair of shoes. Which was the most outrageous plot? Do you watch the show with your girlfriends? Boyfriends? Straight friends? Gay friends? Parents? Have you had your very own Sex and the City-inspired experience? Gotten together with a - gasp! - younger man (the new designer drug)?

We want to hear about it. E-mail us by noon Tuesday at Put "Sex and the City" in the subject line and include day and evening phone numbers. We'll publish the best of what we receive.

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