Just call this Porsche a baby vroomer

Merry Xcess

December 19, 2003

Junior may be 10 years short of being a legal driver, but any loving parent would agree that the mere lack of a license shouldn't prevent him from zooming around in his very own Porsche Boxster 6-Volt Electric Car.

The driveway can become a mini-autobahn this holiday season with the help of Sharper Image, as your child learns the fun of putting pedal to the metal to reach an exhilarating maximum speed of 3 mph. (Not as fast as dad's Boxster, but then the price is a lot less, too: $399.95.)

This petite Porsche convertible, which can accommodate children up to 3 1/2 feet tall and 65 pounds, has a vibrant blue vacuform plastic exterior, a steel chassis and an "authentic race-car-style roll bar." It also features a forward-reverse gear-shifter, electric/mechanical brakes and a rechargeable 6-volt battery for up to 90 minutes of cruising time. Tied-around-shoulders sweater and aviator shades not included.

Porsche Boxster 6-Volt Electric Car, item no. #BR701, $399.95 from the Sharper Image catalog, Web site and select stores. (Also available are a yellow Volkswagen New Beetle and silver Mercedes 300 SL.) Call 800-344-4444 to order.

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