Toymaker puts Hussein in your hands

December 17, 2003|By Meredith James

Just like Iraq administrator L. Paul Bremer III, this Christmas you, too, can boast "We got him!"

Even as U.S. troops were cleaning and interrogating an unshaven, disoriented Saddam Hussein this past weekend, the artists at were frantically rushing to add a "Captured Saddam" action figure to their line of political dolls. Connecticut-based Herobuilders is a 21-month-old company that makes numerous good-guy and bad-guy dolls, ranging from "Babbling Osama the Dirty Terrorist" to "The Governator," an Arnold Schwarzenegger doll.

On Sunday morning, just after news of Hussein's capture broke, Herobuilders owner Emil Vicale was calling his staff to start the creative process. By Sunday night, a mold was set and production of the hand-molded, hand-painted dolls began.

The new 12-inch action figure, complete with "ratty hair and wild beard," barely resembles the company's previous "Insane Saddam" doll, which is dressed in military green, sunglasses and a beret. Captured Saddam also wears an ace of spades T-shirt, a reference to his rank in the military's deck of "Most Wanted Playing Cards."

For those who would like to further humiliate the former dictator, Herobuilders also sells a pink dress and a hip-hop outfit. Or try re-creating the big moment: Dig a miniature "spider hole" in the back yard; insert Saddam doll; cover and camouflage hole; get a G.I. Joe and start the search. It's that easy!

Captured Saddam (Item no. HB-65), $29.95, available online at Shipping is free in the United States until Dec. 31.

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