Nfl Week 15

December 15, 2003


Player, Team C-A Yds TD

Brees, Chargers 28-48 363 2

Garcia, 49ers 26-33 344 2

Green, Chiefs 20-25 341 3

Brooks, Saints 26-36 296 5

Volek, Titans 26-41 295 2


Player, Team Rec Yds TD

Tomlinson, Chargers 11 144 2

Mason, Titans 9 137 0

Horn, Saints 9 133 4

Owens, 49ers 8 127 1

Harrison, Colts 7 117 2


Player, Team Att Yds TD

Hambrick, Cowboys 33 189 0

Martin, Jets 30 174 0

Johnson, Bengals 21 174 2

Smith, Vikings 27 148 0

Portis, Broncos 38 139 2


"It's the worst game I ever had. Why? I don't know." Michael Vick, Falcons quarterback, after going 6 of 19 for 47 yards.

"It's hard, and we're one of a handful of teams that hasn't had any luck on the road this year." Steve Mariucci, Lions coach, on team's 23-game road skid.

"Games like that are the games you dream about when you're a kid. It was a classic game, a game for the purists." Bill Cowher, Steelers coach, on playing in snow against Jets.

"One of these days there will be a day that this character test and this hard work and this effort is going to pay off." Butch Davis, Browns coach, after overtime loss to Broncos.

"It was real close. I'm not certain at all. I'm glad I didn't have to make the call." Keith Bulluck, Titans linebacker, on Bills' barely missing game-tying two-point attempt.

"If you want to stand up and fight, we'll go 10-6. If you want to turn it in, we'll go 8-8. Guys aren't going to turn it in. We're going to go 10-6." Chris Hovan, Vikings defensive tackle, on challenge to his team.

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