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Pro Basketball

December 14, 2003

UP: Baron Davis

The New Orleans point guard is in the top five in scoring, steals and assists, and should get a starting slot for the East in the All-Star Game.

DOWN: All-Star voters

The fact that Davis is not among the leaders and that Vince Carter is the top vote-getter suggests fans shouldn't vote.

UP: Hubie Brown

In a year in which older coaches and managers are proving their worth, the Memphis sphinx may be doing the best job of all. DOWN: Antoine Walker

The Dallas forward fired an ill-tempered blast at new Boston GM Danny Ainge, calling him a "snake."

UP: Aaron McKie

With Glenn Robinson slowed, the Philadelphia do-it-all man is second in three-point shooting, giving the Sixers a solid second option behind Allen Iverson.

DOWN: Injury list

Why doesn't the NBA just allow teams to designate 12 active players for each game and have a taxi squad like the NFL?


"We lost, but a lot of [local fans] like me."

-- Washington coach Eddie Jordan after starting former Maryland point guard Steve Blake in the Wizards' loss to Orlando on Wednesday.

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