Letters to the Editor


December 14, 2003

Taxation habits need to be changed

The commissioners feel they must take more and more of the taxpayers' earnings to run the county. This is called Tax and Spend. The taxpayers are taxed and the commissioners spend. Granted much of this spending is necessary and desirable. However, the commissioners spend a bigger and bigger portion (percentage) of the taxpayers' earnings. Property values rise and the property tax assessments rise. Assessments rose about 30 percent in the past year reassessment cycle. The commissioners also increased by 42 percent the county tax stamps, now 1 percent, another cost of buying a property. All this is a tax increase to the taxpayer and more to spend on the needed services since the commissioners have ignored constant yield. Also many other taxes and fees were increased. On top of all this the commissioners are claiming they need a transfer tax to bring in even more tax money.

Where will it end? The claim is roads, schools and firemen need the money. And maybe they do, especially the firemen. But there are always other places to cut and maybe better management of all projects and especially the big one, schools. The commissioners' quest for additional tax money is a burden on all taxpayers, but the proposed transfer tax is a double burden on taxpayers. The commissioners feel the transfer tax is a one time charge and affects fewer citizens than any other form of tax. I think this is code for, fewer people will remember at voting time the great increases in taxes under the current commissioners. I doubt the commissioners have even considered the double taxation of a transfer tax, allowing the finance companies to collect over time even more than the county has received in taxes.

Stop the transfer tax! We must realize there are costs to run any government and Carroll County is no exception, and by democratic election we have chosen the current commissioners. However, all taxpayers have an expectation they will run the county efficiently, effectively and with some constraints. In my humble opinion, I see little evidence the current commissioners correctly understand their mandate.

Daniel Strickler


Sam's Creek church thankful after bazaar

The Sam's Creek Church of the Brethren, New Windsor, would like to thank everyone who patronized their 20th Annual Holiday Bazaar. It was the best bazaar ever held by the church, complete with perfect weather. Besides earning money that will go back into the community, the fun and fellowship had by both those who produced the items for sale and those who came were wonderful benefits. It was a great day!

May everyone have a blessed Holiday Season and the best of everything in the New Year! Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

The Rev. Paul Leatherman


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