Just who are you calling 'strange?'

Was Nixon seeing himself, or just altogether clueless?


December 14, 2003|By Arthur Hirsch

Tapes of former President Richard M. Nixon's White House conversations released by the National Archives this past week include an intriguing exchange with his chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman, at Camp David in August 1972. In discussing Ronald Reagan, who had just made an unsuccessful run for the Republican presidential nomination, Nixon observes: "[H]e's just an uncomfortable man to be around -- strange."

One cannot help wondering what other great moments in self-awareness might emerge elsewhere in the news:

Michael Jackson: "Yeah, he's a nice guy, but a little weird ..."

Jeffrey Dahmer: "Nice guy, but such peculiar eating habits ..."

Britney Spears: "Oooh, my God, how does she, like, expect anyone to take her seriously?"

Karl Rove: "The cynicism in that maneuver is just shocking ..."

Mitch Albom: "Not my kind of book. Too saccharine ..."

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "American politics are just, well, they're just turning into a circus ..."

Ralph Nader: "How the heck did this Bush get elected anyway?"

Mike Tyson: "He's a fun guy, but have you seen the way he treats women?"

Oliver Stone: "Not my kind of movie. Too obvious ..."

Hillary Clinton: "Honestly, I don't know how those people stay married ..."

George W. Bush: "Darn those free-spending liberals ...."

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