Take my keys, Celine, but please - don't sing

When you're tipsy, which celebrity do you want driving?

By the Numbers

December 14, 2003|By THE HARTFORD COURANT

It probably helps to be drunk. But that's the point. An awful lot of people want to get wasted and ride around with Tim McGraw or Celine Dion, according to a recent survey asking Americans to pick a fantasy designated driver.

McGraw and Dion led their respective gender categories, with 33 percent of 1,167 over-21 respondents choosing the black-hatted country star and 27 percent selecting leather-lunged cash cow Dion.

What if she sings in the car? Maybe a cab isn't such a bad option.

McGraw surely got a boost from his role as a designated driver in a Super Bowl beer ad last January. But get this - Lionel Richie came in second among the men, with 19 percent. Who thinks, "Gee, I shouldn't have had that eighth tequila shot. Better call the guy who sang `Dancing on the Ceiling'?"

Jon Bon Jovi, with 10 percent, and Justin Timberlake and John Mayer, with 6 percent each, round out the men's list.

Shania Twain came in second for the ladies, with 26 percent, followed by Jennifer Lopez (19 percent), Beyonce (6 percent) and Kelly Clarkson (5 percent). If J-Lo is driving, make sure P. Diddy's not in the car.

The survey, sponsored by Budweiser, also revealed that more Americans (30 percent to 20 percent) would prefer to be driven home by Tina Fey than Jimmy Fallon, her co-host on the "Weekend Update" portion of Saturday Night Live. Good call, America; Fallon is a little squirrelly.

Tennis star Serena Williams headed up the list of athletes, with 30 percent choosing her to cart them home. She was followed by golf powerhouse Annika Sorenstam (16 percent), baseball player Derek Jeter (15 percent), basketball star Yao Ming (10 percent) and football player Michael Vick (8 percent).

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