British seek U.S. host for real estate reality show

TV series will follow buyers' first attempts to climb 'property ladder'

December 14, 2003|By Mary Umberger | Mary Umberger,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

A British television production company is looking for an American real estate agent or small-property renovator to be host of another reality show.

The program will be the U.S. version of Property Ladder, a popular British how-to show that follows first-timers through the travails of renovating and reselling properties.

"We have an expression here: When you buy your first property, you're said to get on the property ladder," said Katie Attwood, of Talkback Thames TV, the show's production company. "For instance, I bought a flat. Hopefully, when I get married, I'll sell it and move to a house. Eventually, I may sell my house for something larger."

However, the premise of the TV show is strictly investment-oriented. "We focus on people who buy a property with no intention to live in it," she said.

And for the 13 hourlong presentations that will follow a different American renovator each week, Property Ladder USA needs a host. Attwood is screening real estate agents with expertise in all aspects of renovation, from financing to decor to selling.

"Basically, we want someone who is quite fun, quite charismatic," she said. "We also want someone who is a bit gritty and not afraid to say to the first-time renovator, 'Look, why the hell are you doing that?'"

The show also wants people who are willing to be on the receiving end of that blunt advice, ideally someone who is about to buy his or her first investment property.

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